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Want to consign with Just Between Friends? Sure you do!

Do you have a house or garage full of unused children's and maternity clothing, shoes, baby equipment, furniture, games and toys? Want to get rid of them and earn extra cash? Well, this is your chance! Turn all of your gently loved items into Ca$h! REGISTER NOW for the Just Between Friends of Gainesville Fall/Winter 2015 sales event!

Just Between Friends (JBF) is a semi-annual consignment sale event that is just right for you. We advertise in more places, have the most shoppers and are part of the nation's largest consignment business. In short, we have a lot of experience at what we do and that translates into a smoother process and more $$$ for our consignors!

Consignors are the core of Just Between Friends of Gainesville. We are here to help you to have the best opportunity possible to sell your items in a clean, fun environment. We want you to get the best bargains, have fun, and make a little money while you are at it. If there is anything we can do to make this experience better, please let us know!

Why consign with Just Between Friends?

  • MAKE MONEY! Clean out your closets and get cash in your pockets! Sell your gently-loved kids' items that are too nice to give away and earn 65% (minus a $12.50 fee) of your sales! YOU set the price of each of the items you put in the sale. Our average consignor check is almost $350....and we know you're not average! Our TOP Consignor from a past event earned over $1200!!
  • Want to earn even MORE?
    Sign up to volunteer and you'll earn 70% of your sales as a consignor! JBF is run by volunteers and simply put, we love and need YOU! For this reason, we reward our volunteers.
  • SAVE TIME! Conveniently drop off all of your items in one place. We handle the advertising, publicity, selling and clean-up! No more sitting in a hot garage for a weekend. Bring your items and set them out at the sale and the rest is done for you! Being a consignor with Just Between Friends allows you to sell most of your items in just one weekend. Your items will be viewed by thousands of shoppers throughout the public sale and pre-sale days.
  • HELP THOSE IN NEED! JBF of Gainesville supports local charities, so if you choose to donate your unsold items, they go to use in our local community immediately to help moms and kids in need! All unsold, donated items go to a local charity and YOU get the tax write off! If you choose not to donate, your items will be sorted and ready for pick-up the day after we close.
  • SHOP EARLY! That's right! You will have access to the best merchandise and best deals BEFORE the event opens to the public.


Start tagging today and join the fun!


For the Fall/Winter sale, we will be accepting clothing, shoes and accessories your child would wear for cooler weather. We always accept Year-Round Hot Sellers such as baby equipment, toys, books, furniture and more!!

Girls/Boys Sizes preemie - 14/16 

NOTE: Due to an abundance of infant clothing, we have placed a limit of 50 hanging items TOTAL, preemie to 24 months. The smaller sizes (0-24 months) do not sell very well, so please bring only your best and consider pricing those items lower. TIP: Group like items together (like multiple onesies) or put top/bottom together to make a complete outfit. Groups/lots/outfits count ONLY as only 1 item.
NOTE: When grouping items or making an outfit, items MUST be the same size. EX. Do NOT not put an 18mos. top with a 24mos. bottoms. It must be 18/18 or 24/24.

Junior's Clothing
Trendy teen-size for guys and gals (odd sizes 0-17) and ONLY the following brands: Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostle, GAP, American Eagle, Forever 21, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Under Armour, North Face and boutique brands. Please bring only your best. NO ADULT CLOTHING, except maternity. LIMIT 20 ITEMS.

Maternity Clothing
Gently used ALL SEASONS maternity clothing in excellent condition and ONLY the following brands: Gap, Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity, Mimi, Pea in the Pod and boutique brands. Please secure the tops with safety pins as they have a tendency to fall off of the hanger. LIMIT 20 ITEMS.

LIKE NEW in EXCELLENT condition up to Big Kid's Size 5 (equivalent to adult size 7). Tennis shoes, most athletic cleats that are clean and in good condition, dress shoes, dance shoes, boots, crib shoes, etc. There is not a limit, however we will be very picky in our acceptance. Shoes must be appropriate for children. No high heels or shoes geared towards adults.

Mommy Gear
Nursing pillows, boppies, pregnancy/parenting books, bella bands, back supports, breast pumps, diaper bags, shopping cart covers, slings, baby carriers and more.

Baby Equipment
Exersaucers-saucers, bouncy seats, strollers, car seats (MUST be less than 5 years old), high chairs, boosters, play pens/mats, baby swings, bath tubs, diaper genies, etc. NO sleep positioners.

TOYS, TOYS & TOYS! Big & small, ALL AGES
Infant/Babies: Rattles, play gyms, Bumbos, teethers, activity mats, mobiles, cloth books, CDs, etc.

Toddlers: Puzzles, board books, learning toys, Duplo building blocks, dolls, role-play kitchens, ride-on toys, push toys, walking & pulling toys, train tables, rocking horses, wagons, etc.

Kids and Tweens: Action figures, educational toys, rust-free bikes and scooters, building toys (K-NEX, Legos, etc.) playhouses, outdoor equipment (high demand) such as Little Tikes, sandboxes, slides and play gyms, American Girl, slides, swing sets, game tables (air hockey, foosball, ping pong, pool, etc.), arts & crafts, roller blades and skates, balls, doll houses and doll house furniture, board games (MUSTS have all parts/pieces included), easels, Bionicles, Polly Pockets, Hannah Montana items, Hot Wheels, etc.

and Teens: Remote control toys, electronics (see below), skateboards, sewing, arts & crafts, etc.

Stuffed Animals
We will accept stuffed animals in EXCELLENT or NEW condition ONLY. No WORN stuffed animals will be accepted. Name-brand stuffed animals such as Disney, Gund, WebKinz, etc. and those that move or make noise sell best. Make sure to include batteries!

Books: JBF accepts all family-friendly books in good condition. Board, cloth, picture, chapter, educational, homeschool curriculum, etc.  LIMIT 20 (bundled sets count as 1)

Videos & Music: CDs and DVDs ONLY. JBF accepts music and videos that are child appropriate. NO R-RATED MATERIALS. We DO NOT accept cassettes and VCR tapes. JBF reserves the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate off the sales floor.

Electronics: Electronics sell like CRAZY! JBF accepts gaming systems, games, iPods, mp3 players, computer software, Game boys, etc. All items MUST be in working order with batteries.

Nursery: Cribs (cribs manufactured prior to July 23, 2010 will not be accepted under any circumstance.), bassinets, linens (crib sheets, bedding sets, comforters) rockers, changing tables, gliders, ottomans, baby monitors (MUST have working batteries), room decor - pictures, lamps, rugs, mobiles, wall hangings, dressers, etc. *Items should be fully assembled, when possible. If not, please put ALL hardware in a bag and attach it securely to the item. Assembly instructions are a PLUS!!

Children: Toy boxes, beds (toddler, bunk, day or twin), room decor, desks, etc.

Prepare your items and Drop-off will go more quickly for you!

Perfect Consignors!!

Spend a little extra time prepping your items and we'll reward you!! 

Earn "Perfect Consignor" status and bypass inspection at the Spring 2016 sale. This means all you will do is check-in, place your items on the sales floor and you are done! This will save you a lot of time!

Perfect Consignor Policy:
If you have  LESS THAN 3 items pulled during consignor drop-off or during the sale, you will be added to our "Perfect Consignor" list.

Perfect Consignor criteria:

  1. Tag and bring only your best items to the Fall/Winter 2015 event. Do not tag items that are stained, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc. Only bring "acceptable" items.
  2. Check your items for recalls and pull all items that have been recalled before you arrive at the sale.
  3. Items must be tagged and ready to place on the floor upon arrival.  Please bundle clothing by size and gender to ensure a quick drop-off.  
  4. Volunteer 3 or more hours at the Fall/Winter 2015 sale (Barter shifts do not qualify).
  5. Sell at least 50% of your consigned items so we know you are pricing your items right.

NOTE: The Perfect Consignor list will be updated after each sale and is at the discretion of the sale owner.

Perfect Consignor status is valid only for the current event and must be re-earned for each event.

Check out what we need, what we accept, what sells like Hot Cakes! What SELLS, Baby!

Here's a list of what can be consigned, as well as our best sellers. Please note, all items are inspected at check in and again once on the sales floor. Please check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls.

COOL WEATHER (Fall/Winter) events:

School uniforms * Collegiate clothing * Holiday outfits and items (Christmas and Valentine's Day) * Halloween costumes (if in October) * coats * jackets * gloves * scarves * hats * sports equipment (bats, gloves, balls, rackets, skates, pads, athletic cleats, etc) * camping gear * Band/musical instruments * Gymnastics and Dance wear (including dance, tap and ballet shoes) * Other uniforms (Football, Baseball, Karate, Boy/Girl Scouts, Awana, 4-H, etc.)

Clothing obviously intended for cold weather such as corduroy, flannel, suede, quilted fabrics, heavy winter coats, turtlenecks, boots and Back To School clothing such as Jeans, Khaki pants and shorts, polos, etc.

Year-Round Hot Sellers

Train tables * ride-on toys * Little Tike' toys * bouncy seats * bikes & tricycles * outdoor play sets * rocking horses * strollers & travel systems * baby carriers/ slings * breast pumps * monitors * diaper bags * pack-n-plays * bassinets * high chairs * bumbos * activity mats * bedroom furniture * art tables & supplies * music instruments * electronics - etc., etc., etc.

What's in a Name?

Barbie, Thomas & Friends, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Dora, Hannah Montana, G.I. Joe, Lightening McQueen, Curious George, Dr. Suess, Melissa & Doug, you get the idea - ALL ARE GREAT SELLERS!

What Can't Be Consigned

JBF is a kids & maternity consignment event and items intended for other audiences or uses will not be accepted. Items in the following conditions will also not be accepted:

  • Clothing items with stains, tears, missing buttons or broken zippers
  • Shoes that are worn, torn, dirty or smelly
  • Please do not bring items over 5 years old
  • Toys that are broken or missing parts
  • Furniture with scratches, gouges, marks, stains or are no longer sturdy
  • Items recalled for safety, lead, phthalates or other reason
  • Car seats manufactured more than 5 years ago or that have been involved in any accident
  • Any cribs manufactured prior to July 23, 2010. Cribs manufactured from July 23, 2010 to June 28, 2011 may be consigned if the consignor provides a certificate of compliance from the crib manufacturer or retailer. Cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011 are OK. No drop-side cribs whatsoever may be consigned.

If you have any questions on whether something can be consigned or not, please email jenniferpruitt@jbfsale.com.

Click here to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls.

WARM WEATHER (Spring/Summer) events:

Short-sleeved tops and t-shirts * tank tops * shorts * light-weight long pants and shirts * capris * sandals * light transitional outfits (ex: nylon warm-up outfits) * rain gear (umbrellas, boots, etc.) * outfits appropriate for Easter, First Holy Communion, and dressier clothing for summer weddings. Don't forget about St. Patrick's Day and 4th of July, too! * swimwear * pools and pool toys (fins, goggles, snorkels, diving toys, floaties, etc.) * outdoor play structures * sporting goods * vacation items.

ALL SEASONS (Back to School) events:

We will accept items for both COOL and WARM weather.


All things TAGGING:

We’ve got some great info for you on how to make the most of your item sales.

  1. Remember to QUESTION all of your hanging items! That's right...when you look at the front of all clothing, the hanger should look like a "?".
  2. All clothing items should be freshly-washed, free of wrinkles, lint/fuzz balls/hair and any pet or smoke odors. Our goal is to provide shoppers with great items. Please look through your clothing carefully.
  3. Please sew loose hems and make sure zippers, button and snaps work properly.
  4. We accept:
    Girls sizes preemie through size 14. Sorry, no women's sizes.
    Boys sizes preemie through size 18. Sorry, no men's sizes.
    Junior sizes - Brand specific and a limit of 20.
    Maternity clothing - Brand specific and a limit 20 (ALL SEASONS - all of the time)
    NOTE: Clothing must be maternity - not women's sizes worn as maternity.
    Due to an abundance of infant clothing, we have placed a limit of 50 total hanging items for sizes preemie to 24 mos. The smaller sizes (0-6mos) do not sell very well, so please bring only your best and consider pricing those items lower. NOTE: You are able to group multiple pieces of the same size on one hanger (2-piece outfits, onesies, etc.) and it will be considered as ONE ITEM.
    Hangers are REQUIRED for all clothing. We will only allow accessory items (items such as hair bows, neck and bow ties, belts, tights, socks, etc.) to be in sealed, plastic bags.

Mommy Mart, Crafter's Corner, Furniture, Re-Gifting Center & Doo Dads

Mommy Mart: This is a place where moms can go to look for things just for her. Jewelry, purses, photo albums, Christian gift items, adult-sized bedding, at-home spa products, kitchen gadgets, office supplies, etc.

Crafter's Corner: Crafting supplies for scrapbooking, sewing, jewelry making, etc.

Household Furniture: Nice wooden furniture like dining room and bedroom sets. Hutches, rocking chairs, porch furniture, bookcases, accent tables and baker's/wine racks. We also accept modern metal pieces. wall hangings, pictures and picture frames. Upholstered items MUST be LIKE NEW with NO ODOR or they will not be accepted.

Re-Gifting Center: These are new or like new items like that second George Foreman Grill you got for Christmas, or a basket of Bath & Body Works items you don't like or some Pampered Chef tools you got three of at your wedding shower. No "used" items please.

Doo Dads: When Dad tires of onesies, diaper bags and baby talk, Doo Dads is a place he can mosey over and purchase sporting goods, camping gear, hunting equipment, fishing and hiking items.* Please no hooks, knives or sharp tools.

Check out our video library with easy-to-follow instructions and tips to make the most money for your items! Various item preparations are covered to take the guesswork out of your tagging.

Want to sell a furniture set, high-end stroller or other kid-friendly item you invested a lot of money in?  Bring it to JBF Gainesville! 

  • Earn 80% on any JBF tag of $250 or higher that sells (limit 3 per consignor). 
  • Avoid having strangers come into your home or the hassle of meeting up with a potential buyer and still earn a lot of money! 

E-mail with any questions.