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Prime Time Shopping

Want dibs on the best stuff? This is your chance to shop before the public! Prime Time Shopping starts at 5pm on Wednesday, tickets on sale SOON! PRIME TIME!!!
$10 advance purchase required - while tickets last.



First Time, Grandparent,Foster Parent, Foster & Adoptive Parents

Registration Opens MAY 1st  for this special event by clicking the purple "GET TICKETS" button on the EVENT DETAILS page!!

First-Time Parent & Grandparent PreSale: To qualify for this exclusive pre-sale, you must be expecting you first child/grandchild or your first child must be 12 months or younger.

Foster/Adoptive Parent PreSale: Thank you for caring for our community's children! Remember to select the "Foster Parent" group in your My JBF Profile to shop early!

NOTE: We ONLY take 75 sign-ups for these exclusive pre-sales, so sign up today.

Sorry, if you have previously shopped early as a First Time Parent, Foster or Adoptive Parent, you may not sign up to shop early again. We would love to have you as a JBF Helper, Consignor, or Prime Time shopper though!


Be a JBF Helper


Are you ready to have fun and meet some new friends? Want to shop first? Have first dibs on the best bargains? Check your day planners and get a sitter....WE NEED YOU!

JBF Helper Incentives

  • Shop early! Volunteers shop before the public...even before consignors. The more you volunteer, the earlier you shop!
  • Shop the Volunteer Half-Price Presale on Saturday at 5pm!
  • Have FUN meeting other moms and dads in the community!


PRE SALE SCHEDULE Wednesday June 12th

11am-9pm                20 Hour Volunteers

12pm-9pm               15 Hour Volunteers

12:30pm-9pm          10 Hour Volunteers

2pm-9pm                  5 Hour Volunteers

4pm-9pm Consignors/Volunteers PLUS one Guest

5pm-9pm Prime Time Ticket Shopping (advanced tickets required)

6pm-9pm First Time Parents (advance tickets required)                            

6:30-9pm Adoptive/Foster Parent (advance tickets required)

Saturday Half-Price Presale                                                                      Consignors/Volunteers and Guests can shop at 5pm Saturday Night! All items without a Star are 50% off!


For the safety of all, we cannot allow your children to accompany you during your volunteer work. You must be at least 16 years old and show up with a smile and a positive attitude.

It is fine with us if someone else does the volunteer work on your behalf, whether it is your spouse, parent, or a friend. If someone is working for you, please sign up under your name and consignor number and let them know to mention they are working for you when they show up for the shift.

Some shifts overlap, but you need to work the number of hours for each shift to qualify for the Early Shopping Pass. For example, there may be a shift that is from 7am-10am and another shift that is from 9am-12pm. Working those 2 shifts does not qualify you for 6 hours volunteer credit, but will give you 5 hours of volunteer credit. We manually track all the shifts to make sure they are fair.

If you have questions about extending hours or working a non-published schedule, please email me.


JBF Loves to Barter

Sometimes you just don't have the the time to help at the event and we understand that. We'd still love for you to be able to participate in the Early Shopping and be a part of the fun!

JBF offers a way for individuals to do or give something in return for shopping early! It's called "bartering". Below is a list of just some of our bartering opportunities.

  • Free admission postcards - help us promote the sale by passing out free admission postcards to elementary schools, daycares, hospital, birthing centers, etc. Combine this barter with an onsite shift and bump up to an earlier pre-sale shopping time!
  • Media Outlet - do you work for a radio station, magazine, television or some type of media outlet? You can earn a 2,3,or 5 hour Early Shopping pass by promoting our event.
  • Photography at Sale - if you are a professional photographer and would like to come to the pre-sale and take digital photographs of the sale and provide them to us to use (royalty free) in our promotions, you earn a 5 hour Early Shopping pass.

Barter opportunities are on a first-come, first-served basis and must be requested by email. Click here to request a barter opportunity.

Please remember there are only so many of each option, so you will be taking someone else's opportunity to participate if you are unable to honor your barter. We know life happens, but please try to manage your available time and resources responsibly.

Do you have other barter ideas? Let me know. I would love to work with you!
NOTE: Volunteers during the actual sale are our biggest need, so please sign up to volunteer if you can.



Karen Miner

Call or Text!


See you at the sale!






Consignors are the core of JBF Gainesville. We are here to help you have the best opportunity possible to sell your items in a clean, fun environment. We want you to get the best bargains, have fun, and make a little money while you are at it. If there is anything we can do to make this experience better, please let us know!