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Clean out your closets and get cash in your pockets! Sell your gently-used kids' items that are too nice to give away and earn 60% (less a $10 processing fee) of your sales. YOU set the price of each of the items you put in the sale.

JBF Gainesville consignors receive an average check of over $365 at each event...and we know you're not average!

Consigning with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 

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Join our Team and make YOUR JBF event great!


Our Team Members are an amazing group! They assit with all kinds of wonderful,(FUN) tasks such as set up, sales floor organizing, check out and break down. And the more you help, the EARLIER YOU SHOP! IT REALLY DOES TAKE A VILLAGE! 


  • Earn up to 70% profit of the selling price of your items
  • Shop EARLY...even before consignors!
  • Have FUN meeting other moms and dads in the community

Please sign up for as many shifts as you can comfortably, because the more you help, the EARLIER you shop!

NOTE: We rely on our Team Members each sale. If you have to cancel for an emergency, please try to send a friend or neighbor to take your place and let us know. Thank you for your understanding!


Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop Off Appointments 


SUNDAY Oct 13th 12pm-7pm

MONDAY Oct 14th 8:30am-1pm


In order to help smooth the flow of consignor drop-off, we are requesting you schedule an appointment.

Sign Up!


  • Bring your items tagged, prepped, and sorted by type & size. Drop-off will go more quickly for you!
  • Bring your signed Consignor Agreement, Car Seat Checklist, and Crib Waiver (if applicable)

Second Dropoff: Thursday and Friday
7:00pm - 7:30pm for everything EXCEPT clothing and shoes

Consignor PickUp:

SUNDAY  7:30pm-9pm


Don't want to return for pick up? Check the "donate" box of your barcode tags. If something does not sell, it will be donated to the selected local charity. This is a great cause that you can feel good about. Also, you can print out a list of your "unsold items/donated items" and use it as a tax deduction.



Consignors and Team Members get to shop FIRST!

Tuesday : Team Lead Private Party 6pm

Wednesday Oct. 16th : LET THE FUN BEGIN!
JBF Team Member PRE SALE

11am-9pm       20 Hour Team Member

12pm-9pm       15 Hour Team Member

12:30pm-9pm  10 Hour Team Member

2pm-9pm          5 Hour Team Member

3pm-9pm   Premier Prime Shopping* Advance Ticket purchase required (see Event/Details/Get Tickets)

4pm-9pm Consignors/Helpers PLUS one guest

5pm-9pm - Prime Time Shopping *advance ticket purchase required (see Event Details/Get Tickets)

6pm-9pm - First Time Parents, Grandparents

6:30pm-9pm Adoptive & Foster Parents *advance registration required (see Event Details/Get Tickets)



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Clothing & Accessories

Girls/Boys Sizes Preemie - 14/16 

WARM WEATHER (Spring/Summer) events:
Short-sleeved tops and t-shirts * tank tops * shorts * light-weight long pants and shirts (no heavy fleece, etc) * jeans/denim *capris * sandals * light transitional outfits (ex: nylon warm-up outfits) * rain gear (umbrellas, boots, etc.) * outfits appropriate for Easter, First Holy Communion, and dressier clothing for summer weddings. Don't forget about St. Patrick's Day and 4th of July, too! * swimwear * pools and pool toys (fins, goggles, snorkels, diving toys, floaties, etc.) * outdoor play structures * sporting goods * vacation items.

COOL WEATHER (Fall/Winter) events:
Back To School clothing such as jeans, khaki pants and shorts, polos, etc. * Collegiate clothing * Holiday outfits and items (Christmas and Valentine's Day) * Halloween costumes * coats * jackets * gloves * scarves * hats * Gymnastics and Dance wear (including dance, tap and ballet shoes) * Other uniforms (Football, Baseball, Karate, Boy/Girl Scouts, Awana, 4-H, etc.)

NOTE: Due to an abundance of infant clothing, we have placed a limit of 50 hanging items TOTAL, preemie to 24 months. The smaller sizes (0-24 months) tend to get full quickly, so please bring only your best and consider pricing those items lower.
TIP: Group like items together (like multiple onesies) or put top/bottom together to make a complete outfit. Groups/lots/outfits count ONLY as only 1 item.
NOTE: When grouping items or making an outfit, items MUST be the same size. EX. Do NOT not put an 18mos. top with a 24mos. bottoms. It must be 18/18 or 24/24. Two-piece outfits should be labeld "2-pc".

Year-Round Hot Sellers

Train tables * ride-on toys * Little Tike' toys * bouncy seats * bikes & tricycles * outdoor play sets * rocking horses * strollers & travel systems * baby carriers/ slings * breast pumps * monitors * diaper bags * pack-n-plays * bassinets * high chairs * bumbos * activity mats * bedroom furniture * art tables & supplies * music instruments * electronics - etc., etc., etc.

Maternity Items

Mommy Gear
Nursing pillows, boppies, pregnancy/parenting books, bella bands, back supports, breast pumps, diaper bags, shopping cart covers, slings, baby carriers and more.

Baby Equipment
Exersaucers-saucers, bouncy seats, strollers, car seats (MUST be less than 5 years old), high chairs, boosters, play pens/mats, baby swings, bath tubs, diaper genies, etc. NO sleep positioners. Exception Dock-a-tot 

Toys, Toys & Toys! Big & Small, ALL AGES

Infant/Babies: Rattles, play gyms, bumbos, teethers, activity mats, mobiles, cloth books, CDs, etc.

Toddlers: Puzzles, board books, learning toys, Duplo building blocks, dolls, role-play kitchens, ride-on toys, push toys, walking & pulling toys, train tables, rocking horses, wagons, etc.

Kids and Tweens: Action figures, educational toys, rust-free bikes and scooters, building toys (K-NEX, Legos, etc.) playhouses, outdoor equipment (high demand) such as Little Tikes, sandboxes, slides and play gyms, American Girl, swing sets, game tables (air hockey, foosball, ping pong, pool, etc.), arts & crafts, roller blades and skates, balls, doll houses and doll house furniture, board games (MUST have all parts/pieces included), easels,  Polly Pockets, JoJo, Hot Wheels, etc.

and Teens: Remote control toys, electronics (see below), skateboards, sewing, arts & crafts, etc.

Stuffed Animals: We ONLY accept interactive stuffed animals (talking, singing etc.), Disney charcters or animals over 24 inches. NO regular plush. All animals must be clean with working batteries!

Books, Videos, Music & Electronics

Books: JBF accepts all family-friendly books in good condition. Board, cloth, picture, chapter, educational, homeschool curriculum, etc.  LIMIT 20 without prior approval (bundled sets count as 1)

Videos & Music: CDs and DVDs ONLY. JBF accepts music and videos that are child appropriate. NO R-RATED MATERIALS. We DO NOT accept cassettes and VCR tapes. JBF reserves the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate off the sales floor.

Electronics: Electronics sell like CRAZY! JBF accepts gaming systems, games, iPods, mp3 players,Game boys,x-box etc. All items MUST be in working order with batteries.

Nursery, Baby & Children's Items

Nursery: Cribs (cribs manufactured prior to July 23, 2010 will not be accepted under any circumstance), bassinets, linens (crib sheets, bedding sets, comforters) rockers, changing tables, gliders, ottomans, baby monitors (MUST have working batteries), room decor - pictures, lamps, rugs, mobiles, wall hangings, dressers, etc.
*Items should be fully assembled, when possible. If not, please put ALL hardware in a bag and attach it securely to the item. Assembly instructions are a PLUS!!

Children: Toy boxes, beds (toddler, bunk, day or twin), room decor, desks, etc.

Maternity Clothing

Gently used ALL SEASONS maternity clothing in excellent condition! Nursing Top, PJS, Bras are also great sellers!

TIP: Please secure the tops with safety pins as they have a tendency to fall off of the hanger.
LIMIT 20 ITEMS without prior approval 

Junior's Clothing

Trendy teen-size for guys and gals (odd sizes 0-17) and ONLY the following brands:

  • Abercrombie
  • Hollister
  • Aeropostle
  • Buckle
  • GAP
  • American Eagle
  • Forever 21
  • Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Under Armour
  • North Face, Columbia, Salt Life
  • LulaRoe
  • Boutique brands

Please bring only your best. NO ADULT CLOTHING, except maternity.


LIKE NEW in EXCELLENT condition up to Big Kid's Size 5 (equivalent to adult size 9)

  • Tennis shoes
  • Most athletic cleats that are clean and in good condition
  • Dress shoes
  • Dance shoes
  • Swim shoes, Rain Boots
  • Crib shoes, etc.

There is not a limit, however we will be very picky in our acceptance. Shoes must be appropriate for children. No high heels or shoes geared towards adults.

Mommy Mart

Mommy Mart: This is a place where moms can go to look for things just for her. Jewelry, purses, photo albums, gift items, kitchen gadgets.MUST BE NEW IN BOX OR LIKE NEW, ANYTHING ELSE WILL BE PULLED. LIMIT OF 10 ITEMS PER CONSIGNOR WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL.

Crafter's Corner: Crafting supplies for scrapbooking, sewing, jewelry making, etc. Limit of 10 items per Consignor

Household Furniture:  Rocking chairs, porch furniture, bookcases, accent tables and baker's/wine racks. We also accept modern metal pieces. Please contact Karen prior to bringing non-childrens furniture to the sale to ensure it meets our guidlines! KarenMiner@JBFsale.com


What's In A Name?

Step 2, Little Tikes, Disney, Barbie,Hot Wheels,  Thomas & Friends, Pixar, Melissa & Doug, Hannah Anderson, Ralph Lauren, Gap,  you get the idea - ALL ARE GREAT SELLERS!

Consignor Supplies

Here is a list of items you will want to have on hand: 

  • White cardstock (65# paper)
  • Tagging gun & barbs OR 1.5" and 2" safety pins
  • Child-size hangers (sz NB-6)
  • Full-size hangers (sz 7 & up)
  • Gallon & quart size Ziploc bags
  • XL Ziploc bags (for toys and bedding)
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Painters masking tape (for attaching tags to delicate items such as books)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons, string or zip-ties
  • Access to computer and printer

Optional, but well worth it!

  • Magic sponge for cleaning toys and shoes
  • Stain remover (Tide bleach pen)
  • Downy wrinkle releaser
  • Febreeze (for odors)


Valet Tagging Service

Valet Tagging is OPEN for FALL 2019 

Sign up HERE

Our Valet tagging service helps busy moms by pricing, prepping, and tagging their items for them. It's easy and it's money in your pocket.

Valet Consignor PERKS!

  • You plus one guest get to shop before the public ensuring a great selection and the very best deals!
  • No time to tag but still want to help? Join the Team and earn an EXTRA 10% on Sold Items!

Here's how it works:
1. Complete our Request Form letting us know you'd like to utilize the Valet Service.
2. Collect the items you'd like to consign, making sure they meet JBF Guidelines.
3. Drop them off at a prearranged time and location. Your Valet Tagger will prepare, price and tag your items, store them and drop them off at the sale for you.
4. After the sale, you can donate your unsold items to our charity partner or pick them up.                                                                     

5. Receive a check in your email within two weeks post sale.

Space is limited and this service will close ~ 3 weeks prior to the sale or when all spaces have been filled.

Questions? Email JBFValettag@gmail.com for more info!


Big Ticket Incentive

Want to sell a furniture set, high-end stroller or other kid-friendly item you invested a lot of money in?  Bring it to JBF Gainesville!

Earn 80% on any JBF tag of $250 or higher that sells (limit 3 per consignor).

Avoid having strangers come into your home or the hassle of meeting up with a potential buyer and still earn a lot of money!



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Consignors are the core of JBF Gainesville. We are here to help you have the best opportunity possible to sell your items in a clean, fun environment. We want you to get the best bargains, have fun, and make a little money while you are at it. If there is anything we can do to make this experience better, please let us know!